ThinkingRock and Managing Overload

I used to think it was just me. That there was something wrong with me because I couldn’t get organized, couldn’t escape the constant feeling of being overwhelmed and, well, doomed by all the undone “stuff” lurking in the corners of my mind. It didn’t help that my mother was one of the most organized people on earth, but I apparently didn’t inherit even one of the relevant genes.

Anyway, now that I’m older and wiser I know it’s not just me. Most people suffer—to one extent or another—from “amorphous globs of stuff” cluttering up their head and not getting done. Thanks to the popularity of the blog 43Folders, I’ve discovered the joys of a book (and “system”) called Getting Things Done by David Allen. (“GTD” for short.)

Now, normally, I loathe this sort of “increase your productivity!” book. Seriously, they almost always just make me feel even more hopeless than I did before! Another system to learn, struggle with, and then fail at implementing. Shoot me now…

But this one feels different to me. I actually feel less stressed after reading only about 40 pages! My home office desk is completely clear. So’s my dining-room table and my kitchen counter-tops (where all the paper I have no idea what to do with just accumulates forever.)

I’m just a newbie and not about to get all preachy about it or anything. If you really want to find out about GTD, check out what all the folks over at 43Folders have to say for starters.

What I did really want to say was “Thank you!” to the wonderful people at ThinkingRock for their superb GTD software. It’s free, it works on any platform, and it’s saving my life.

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