Content-Based (SOAP) Routing

Now this is interesting: a Content-Based Routing Service from Systinet. Finally a way to truly decouple service providers from service requestors (in a web services-friendly way). The idea of subscribing to SOAP documents by content as a method of service invocation has been kicking around for a while in the context of XML-document-based, Linda-like systems. I even prototyped one two years ago, though it was not specific to SOAP (I have no problem with SOAP, but I tend not to use it if a simpler solution will suffice so I needed a more general solution), and Mike Champion has been floating trial balloons about related concepts for some time.

Systinet’s CBR Service is still an alpha technology. There’s an informative article on it from the Web Services Journal: “Beyond Point to Point”. Will this approach (finally) catch on?

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