Is FeedBurner Having Scaling Problems?

The last few days, when I log in to check my feed usage, FeedBurner tells me how many subscribers I have but claims I had no item views and no item clicks the previous day. Some indeterminate time later in the day the real stats magically appear. Are they having trouble completing the “big crunch” in the time between midnight (I assume PST) and my EST morning?

Maybe I’m just paranoid, but… it seems every time Google buys someone, they simultaneously start having scaling difficulties. The question is: is it a chicken thing, or an egg thing? Do companies that get to a size where scaling is becoming a problem become natural targets for Google acquisition? Or does getting bought by Google bring you the kiss of death, scaling-wise (just look at Blogger?)

File this under baseless rumours, if you like. We’ll see what happens as time goes on.

Update: I actually received an email from someone at Google about this (sorry for the delay in posting the update, but I don’t often read that email account). I won’t repeat it in full, but suffice it to say that there is a “big crunch” (as the writer calls it: “nightly roll-ups”) which begin at midnight Central time and last a few hours. It has apparently always been thus. However, I still don’t see my stats until about 10-11 am EST, which is different than before, so I guess I’ll have to report that as… an issue. Though not, I assume, anything to do with Google. :-)

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