The Web Bores Me

I have to face the facts: I’m completely bored of writing web apps. I’m not bored by the architecture of the Web, which I believe should be leveraged more than it currently is; but sometimes I really don’t think I can face the grind and hassle of assembling what should be a simple web application or web service. Let’s face it: it’s so freaking dull. And so much harder than it should be. I read somewhere (unfortunately, I can’t remember where) that the most complex aspect of any enterprise web development project is AJAX. I can believe it easily. Add a pile of enterprise middleware suckage plus associated crappy tools and it’s ten times more disheartening.

So I’m learning Cocoa. Gonna see what I can do with desktop apps that speak Web. At least it’ll be different. And cross-platform capability be damned (for the moment, at least.) Then who knows? Maybe it’s time to take distributed computing to the iPhone :)

I suppose it’s no wonder I’m more comfortable writing middleware. It’s hard, but at least it’s not hard and terminally boring. (YMMV.)

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  1. Hello Vanessa,

    How are you going? It’s been centuries since the last time I chat to you. I hope you are doing great. Keep me touch.


  2. even though things have got better and better, and the solutions we are able to provide are more and more intricate, i still feel very underwhelmed with the problems we are solving. theres nothing inspirational about the work. it’s making widgets in a widget factory at this point. once you’ve solved enough complex problems to feel satisfied with your skill, it becomes tiring.

    I look at some of the innovations in Leopard, and I think, man, we’re wearing handcuffs in the web world while other people get to dream up ways to make things work.

    in the name of being general in our choice of platforms (the web) we have given up a decade and a half of meaningful advancement in development.

    all this and being amazing at this doesn’t even get you laid.

  3. @ruzz, that’s a fine way of putting it. :) For myself, I don’t do strictly web development for exactly that reason: there’s just not enough satisfaction in it. Thanks for your comments.

  4. Nice post.

    >And so much harder than it should be.

    I agree. I think people have been forgetting about this: KISS

    And also it is harder because people have been forgetting (or never knew in the first place) some of the basics of good software development, such as modularization, and writing clear, readable code.

    Desktop apps that can “speak web” is a nice idea – been thinking on those lines myself too … and so have some others.

    – Vasudev Ram

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