First days with an iPad

I’m one of those seemingly few people who thought they had a real purpose for an iPad. I have a laptop and various old computers at home, but hate hauling my laptop around the apartment just to check email or look up something on wikipedia. So I splurged and bought one, which arrived Friday.

While it has it’s flaws, it’s quickly becoming indispensable!

A word to the wise, though: stay away from the app store. I’ve already spent an insane amount on stuff I really do not need. Those micro charges add up fast!

One thought on “First days with an iPad”

  1. Cool that you have one. I was considering getting one but eventually I choose the LG and now I regreat it … All my friends have one and they seem to have a lot fun with it. I guess it’s time for me to get me one, otherwise I stay behind :(

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