Women Taking Risks

Apparently my oponia co-founder Leigh Himel and I have been added to a list of female “Risk Takers” by marketing blog HorsePigCow. I’m not sure whether our company qualifies as Web 2.0, strictly speaking, but I’m sure many people will see it that way. It certainly builds on those trends. Anyway, it’s nice to see so many women getting involved in tech entrepreneurship these days (that list is surprisingly long and getting longer by the day!) Thanks to Tamera for the recommend…

2 thoughts on “Women Taking Risks”

  1. Yeah…the important part is the risk taker part…not necessarily the ‘2.0’ thing. There are many women (like Sandy Lerner from Cisco) who were quite 1.0, but are still considered risk takers for starting a company.

    I’m limiting it to technology because, otherwise, it gets difficult to manage.

  2. Congrats on the mention!!! So will the tide shift in ’07 and we start to see more women making and being recognized for making a difference in the “new word” Web 2.0 or what ever term we use in 6 months…

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