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Women in Technology

First Woman Turing Award Winner: Frances Allen

It only took 40 years, but a woman has finally been selected as the A.M. Turing Award Winner for “pioneering contributions to the theory and practice of optimizing compiler techniques that laid the foundation for modern optimizing compilers and automatic parallel execution.” Allen was also the first woman to be appointed an IBM fellow (1989). More info on Frances E. Allen…

Also discovered serendipitously: “The Invisible Women of Science and Technology”.

Women Taking Risks

Apparently my oponia co-founder Leigh Himel and I have been added to a list of female “Risk Takers” by marketing blog HorsePigCow. I’m not sure whether our company qualifies as Web 2.0, strictly speaking, but I’m sure many people will see it that way. It certainly builds on those trends. Anyway, it’s nice to see so many women getting involved in tech entrepreneurship these days (that list is surprisingly long and getting longer by the day!) Thanks to Tamera for the recommend…