Goodbye Blogger

I just couldn’t stand the bugginess and lack of features and support anymore, so I took the plunge and moved to WordPress. I have not transferred all of the posts from the old site yet, since there’s no automatic way to do that (that’ll teach me to be tempted by “move to the new sytem!” prompts again.) I’ll migrate them a few at a time over the next couple of weeks (there’s 5+ years worth!), but in the meantime links to old posts will work because I’m hosting all of this myself. If you can’t find some particular article you’re looking for, try Googling it. The returned link(s) should work indefinitely.

2 thoughts on “Goodbye Blogger”

  1. Hi Chris, thanks for the link, but… unfortunately all the Blogger import tools only work with the “old” Blogger, and I was foolish enough to upgrade the “brand new” Blogger (you know… the one you have to log into with a Google account and which barely functions?) Thus my comment about “that’ll teach me”!

    If you’re using an original Blogger account, you can (apparently) import all your old Blogger content into WordPress. Also, someone has created an unsupported “beta” script for importing from the new Blogger… but it only works if your Blogger blog is hosted on blogspot. So… I just happened to be in the worst of all possible situations with regard to getting off of Blogger.

    Not to worry, though. Aside from porting the comments over (which is a bit of a pain), doing a few posts at a time is not that bad. I’ll get there 😉

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