Anonymous Cowards

I really dislike Anonymous comments on my blog. I haven’t figured out how to get WordPress to disallow them automagically, since I don’t really want to require an email address, either. Hmmm…. For now, comment moderation is turned on, and if you don’t give a name and an URL OR a name and an email, I’ll probably decline the comment unless it’s truly inspired. While porting over (painfully, by hand) the posts and comments from my Blogger site, I notice that “Anonymous” just seems like an excuse for people to be rude. I’m not down with that.

If you’re going to flame me out, go ahead, I can take it. But have the courage to identify yourself. After all, I had the courage to identify myself with what I wrote, so it’s only fair. Some of the “Anonymous” comments to earlier blog posts aren’t going to get ported over. If you were the writer, you’re welcome to re-submit the comment, but have some backbone and own it this time.

2 thoughts on “Anonymous Cowards”

  1. Ok, so I broke my rule and added this comment because it was helpful, not rude :) Anywho… think I already covered the “Blogger import doesn’t work in my case” in the previous post, but thanks for the Spam Tools link. Might try some of those.

    Also, you’ve reminded me that I forgot to add contact information to this new blog somewhere. Oops! I’ll get right on that. Cheers.

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