“Wow. Cool…”

We heard a fair bit of that yesterday here at the oponia “pod” in the Java Playground @ JavaOne 07. We’ve all become pretty slick at giving the demo and Leigh is mastering the art of snagging total strangers and forcing them to watch it. Most of them end up being glad they did. Another thing we’ve been hearing quite a bit is: “hey, this actually looks really useful.” Umm… yeah. We kinda planned it that way, but we’re glad you agree. 😉

We had some pretty stiff competition for attention from the singing, dancing Robosapiens, the world’s fastest robot, and a Java-powered submarine. (It is a playground, after all.) Many thanks to Mike Duigou and Henry Jen for their fabulous demos of oponia’s ucaster in the JXTA pod.

I didn’t get to look around too much myself, but the coolest thing I’ve seen so far (besides the Robosapiens) was the Sunspot programmable sensor technology. Maybe today Mark and I will go find out what Nokia and Motorola are doing here. Well, we’re due back on the floor in a few minutes so… more later.

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