Face Time with JXTA and Shoal Engineers

The second day at the show was a little more of a grind than the first. Aching feet and all that. But the reaction was still overwhelmingly positive. I had more of a chance to have some chats with the JXTA team and also with one of the people responsible for the Shoal project.

It seems the JXTA team is pining for a new book on JXTA and at least one person suggested I write it! (Uh… yeah… in my plentiful spare time!) I must admit it’s tempting. Another temptation to consume time I don’t really have came from a Shoal engineer interested in a) integrating Shoal with Spring for declarative clustering of Spring apps, and b) using this method to cluster JXTA super-peers (that was actually my idea, since our super-peers are Spring apps.)

Finally someone from Sun’s ISV Engineeering team was very enthusiastic about the idea of us porting our app–or some variation on it–to SavaJe, and since we’ve been considering a mobile version, it’s definitely worth a look-see.

We’ve met a lot of our goals for this conference, so the last day should be pretty easy-going. As Leigh says, the last thing we’re hoping for is a visit from a Java Rock Star.

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