FYI, A Couple of Broken Things

First, I notice a lot of interest in my old post on configuring a JXTA peer using Spring. Be advised that a) this article is out of date and the technique will no longer work due to changes in the platform, and b) I have promised the JXTA community to look into what changes might be needed to restore the declarative configuration technique to viability, submit the feature requests and/or patches, and write a new article on how to do it. In the meantime, it would be best if people avoided the old post because it will only lead them astray.

Second, I notice my blog is partially b0rked–the sidebar modules don’t work anymore. I have some suspicions about why that is, and when I get a decent chunk of time I’ll try to fix it (hopefully without completely b0rking everything!) Please be patient. “Technical difficulties are temporary…”

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