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Ok, I know a bunch of people are waiting for me to comment on Opera Unite and what it does (or does not) have to do with oponia. That and the embarrassing last post from January promising to post more. So, yeah, yeah, yeah, I fail. What can I say? I’m job hunting. If you want me to blog more, hire me 😉

FYI, A Couple of Broken Things

First, I notice a lot of interest in my old post on configuring a JXTA peer using Spring. Be advised that a) this article is out of date and the technique will no longer work due to changes in the platform, and b) I have promised the JXTA community to look into what changes might be needed to restore the declarative configuration technique to viability, submit the feature requests and/or patches, and write a new article on how to do it. In the meantime, it would be best if people avoided the old post because it will only lead them astray.

Second, I notice my blog is partially b0rked–the sidebar modules don’t work anymore. I have some suspicions about why that is, and when I get a decent chunk of time I’ll try to fix it (hopefully without completely b0rking everything!) Please be patient. “Technical difficulties are temporary…”

NDP Motion to Let War Resisters Stay Passes

According to an NDP news release:

An NDP motion calling on Stephen Harper’s Conservatives to allow Iraq war resisters to stay in Canada received strong support from Parliament this week. NDP Immigration Critic Olivia Chow is urging Harper to respect the will of regular Canadians who think George Bush’s war in Iraq is wrong and act immediately to ensure American war resisters are able to become permanent residents of Canada.

It’s nice to know Parliament supports this, but Harper will never, ever piss off his buddy George II by doing anything about it. It’s interesting that during the first Gulf War, Canada gave an Iraqi officer refugee status and permission to stay in Canada on the grounds that he was being forced to take part in an illegal war. Americans making the same claim in the second Iraq war were told to pack their bags and head back to Leavenworth. (Under Mr. Dithers’ Liberal government.)

Everything’s Social

I just had to make one brief comment (too long for a Tweet!) on TechCrunch’s article about Google’s upcoming FriendConnect.

Erick Schonfeld writes:

“The bigger downside of Friend Connect is that Websites using it cannot mash up the data with their own to make compelling new applications. Glazer confirmed that the data will be sent to third party sites via an iframe rather than directly through a set of APIs (as Michael speculated on Friday). However, Glazer also says that he wouldn’t be surprised if eventually Google or somebody else makes it possible for Websites to combine the Friend Connect data with their own.”

Well, if you’ve been paying attention, you doubt it will be Google who enables the re-use of data. At least not in any way you’re expecting… >:-|